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Miffy takes Kathy to court

Dutch author and illustrator Dick Bruna says Japanese company Sanrio have virtually copied his famous rabbit Miffy, and he is therefore taking them to court. Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, had already been asked to stop the marketing of their rabbit Kathy but ignored the request. The court will pass judgement on the 2nd of November.    

Facebook sues Teachbook

Facebook sues Teachbook for using 'book'

Facebook sues the start-up site Teachbook for using the word 'book'in its name. According to Facebook the online teachers community is "riding on the coattails of the fame and enormous goodwill of the Facebook trademark". Therefore Facebook accuses Teachbook of trademark infringement.

Egg cup can't be called eiPott anymore

An egg cup sold by German manufacturer Koziol can not be called eiPott anymore. Apple recently won a lawsuit against the company stating that the name , pronounced in German, is too similar to that of the iPod. The egg cup is designed to look like an iPod as well. The judges decided there's a 'likelyhood of confusion' and Koziol can't use the name any longer.

Merkenbureau Bouma
Merkenbureau Bouma

What makes a brand a brand?

A name? A slogan? A logo? A symbol? The colour? The shape of the product? The label? The wrapping? The marketing budget? The fame? All these are elements of a trademark. Only the last two are a matter of money. The others are a matter of registration. Registering a trademark makes it your trademark - and protects your investment.

That is where Bouma Trademark Office come in: to consult, to registrate, to guard your trademark. In the Netherlands, Benelux, Europe, or any other part of the world.


Whether a slogan can be registered depends on its originality and distinctive character.


Sometimes it is possible to obtain a registration for sounds, tones or jingles as a soundmark.


It is possible to obtain a trademark or design registration to get protection for logos and other identifiable graphical elements.


Sometimes it is possible to obtain a registration for a smell. Once a company obtained a registration for 'smell of freshly cut grass' for tennis balls! In some cases the composition of an aroma can be copyrighted.


Figures may constitute or be part of a trademark, and therefore can obtain protection by a registration either seperately or in combination with the trademark.


Usually flavours are not included in trademark and copyright laws.


For a design and lay-out of a label and other packaging a registration can be obtained to get protection as a graphical mark.


Protection for a shape mark or three dimensional object is, under certain conditions, possible by means of a trademark registration


Copyright protects 'original' works of literature, science and art, in the broadest possible sense


Colours are important aspects of identification and can under certain conditions get protection by means of a registration as colour marks.


It is possible to obtain a registration for proprietary typeface and lettering and get protection for those.


Figurative elements in designs can often be registered as visual mark.