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Registration is the first step towards protection.

Trademarks are of great value to a company. A trademark represents a considerable investment in marketing and advertising, but more importantly it represents all the product, service or company stands for.

Why trademark protection?
Using a trademark does not provide you with trademark rights in the Benelux. Should somebody else, register a similar trademark for similar products or services, you will have no rights to object to this use under normal circumstances.

To avoid such a situation, it is wise to register your trademark at the earliest possible stage, in the Benelux and in other relevant countries. Only by registration of the trademark you will acquire exclusive rights to a trademark.

A registered trademark entitles you to act against infringements. On the basis of trademark rights, you can take action not only against identical and similar trademarks but also, on certain conditions, against trade names and domain names. Trademark registration offers wide protection.

It is our expertise to file for registration in the best possible way for your Intellectual Property.