Apple versus Apple

Interesting developments in the past decades of two successful companies and their discussions on their apple logo's.


Apple versus Apple

In 1978 a lawcase was initiated by Apple Corps Ltd. in London that was estblished by The Beatles against the well known computerbrnd Apple Inc. from California. Both companies used a depiction of an apple as their company logo. The discussion was solved by an agreement in which Apple Inc. indertook to engage only in computers and not in music and vice versa. This seemed a perfect agreement but years later the undertakings turned out to be cuasing too much restraint as Apple Inc. wanted - or perhaps was forced - to also enter into the music business. After numerous discussions and court cases both parties entered into a new agreement in 2007. Apple Inc. took over all rights in the Apple logo's andf Apple Corps Ltd. was offered a license ever since.

Hereunder the first logo of Apple Inc.