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Reliable since 1997

About our office

International Trademark Office Bouma – founded in 1997 by Mr. Marten A. Bouma

Trademark Office Bouma has become one of the bigger offices of The Netherlands ever since.

Our office specializes in the legal management of trademarks as we take care of the protection of intellectual property rights like trademarks, designs and copyrights.

An experienced and well organised team of trademark attorneys, supported by experienced assistants, will be at your service. One of the trademark attorneys will be your permanent contact. Our office has an extensive network of trademark attorneys abroad, enabling us to optimally advise you regarding the registration of trademarks outside of the Benelux.

Trademark Office Bouma will not drag you into an unnecessary long legal process. Our advice is fast, practical and complete. If something needs to be settled for tomorrow, we will speak to you today. Our goal is to enable you to take the right decisions in every aspect. And then take care of a perfect settlement of your trademark registration.

Trademark Office Bouma doesn’t just advise and register, but will also regularly check if your brand or trademark is violated. In the Benelux, in Europe, or wherever in the world. We will work following a set list of tariffs at anytime, in order to prevent expensive surprises. You will always be assured of the fact that you do not need to worry about anything concerning your trademarks, since Trademark Office Bouma guarantees the professional legal management of your trademarks.