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Legal advice

Dealing with conflicts to strengthen your rights.

You might come into conflict with a third party, for instance with respect to the use of similar trademarks, trade names, designs, copyright, or domain names. Bouma Trademark Agency is specifically equipped to help you deal with such conflicts.

Our first step will be to consider the conflict, pointing out to you the possible consequences and your legal position towards the other party. Next, we can deal with the conflict on your behalf. Often that will take the form of drawing up and dispatching a summons to the other party, or in some cases by submitting a notice of objection to the official bodies.

You might also be approached in writing by a third party about an alleged infringement of their rights. In that case we shall be happy to advise you on your legal position in the conflict, and subsequently draw up a notice of defence to the opposing party on your behalf.

Should the attempt to solve the conflict out of court fail, then we can refer you to a lawyer competent to guide you through court proceedings. We have good relations with lawyers who are specialised in Intellectual Property Law and can assist in such a situation.